iPhone / Sometimes Sony Alpha but rarely
Calling this section "Photography" is rather outrageous, as I couldn't seriously consider myself a photographer in the least bit; I am more like a photo-hacker.

Having worked in advertising for over twenty years, I have always had this intimate affinity with images. I would take pictures here and there but never learned photography and its technique, which you must master to exploit the infinite possibilities of imagery. My shyness about taking photos loosened when I acquired my first iPhone, allowing me to forget all my technical shortcomings only to focus on the moment, place, object, and person. Not offering the richness and quality of a large format camera, my images represent banal and instinctive moments animated by light, lines, and colors. Like many of us, I pull the "phone" out of my pocket and grab random shots of our always fascinating surroundings without the embarrassment of adjusting myriads of spooky buttons and dials. The obsession and thirst for capturing these mundane moments lead me to stray in the middle of our wild urbanism to capture binary frames while quenching Instagram's digital bulimia ...

Featured in:  Humble Arts Foundation, This Ain't Art School, Broad Magazine, Valérie Timmermans Gallery, TK21, Our Momentum, Minimal Car Mag, Pop Sonality